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The project must be a Power Point Presentation with at least 20 slides. You are able to count your Title Slide as one of the 20 slides. You are able to count your works cited slide as one of the 20 slides. However, if you need more than one works cited slide, it needs to be in addition to the 20 slides.First, you will need to choose a worldview from Culture 1 list below, since part of the project will be to compare and contrast Culture 1 with your own Culture/Worldview (see Culture 2 below). Culture 1: explain the worldview of one of the following. Use at least 3 sources; all of which may be online sources. Note: I will use “culture,” “religion,” and “worldview” interchangeably below, for convenience. You may opt to do this as well, in writing your project. Buddhism (in general) Theravada Buddhism Mahayana Buddhism Zen Buddhism Judaism (in general) Orthodox Judaism Reform Judaism Baha’i Islam (in general) Sunni Islam Shia Islam Hinduism (in general) Hinduism (Bhakti tradition)

Culture 2: Explain your own worldview. Culture 2 = your own religion or, if you are non-religions, describe your secular (non-religious) worldview; I have some suggestions below for how to do this. Cite sources as and if needed here. There is some liberty of citing in this part, since you are describing what you believe and/or practice. However, some citations will be needed. How many is up to your own discretion. If you are an atheist, and wish to describe this as your culture/worldview, then obviously, choose a different worldview within the list for Culture 1. Compose a Worldview ProjectYour task: Compose a project with a “part 1” and a “part 2” based on the following format/rules. You can refer to this project as your “Worldview Project.”Part 1 of your project: Carefully explain beliefs, practices, and/or values. Locate what you take to be the most fundamental beliefs or values in so doing and how these affect or may affect how the believer sees the world or feels about human existence. a. Choose one worldview from Culture 1 list above and accurately describe/explain the worldview. In so doing, be sure to list and explain at least three fundamental beliefs of the worldview chosen, and list/explain at least three practices, rituals, activities and/or moral values—answers to moral questions, like is “is abortion wrong?” for example– associated with Culture 1.Use sources. Cite sources conventionally (MLA is fine or any logical parenthetical citation format); at least 3 sources should be used for Part 1. b. Next: describe/explain your own worldview beliefs and practices, rituals—if you practice any—and/or moral beliefs or values. For convenience, we will refer to your own worldview as Culture 2. Locate your most important beliefs and values and how these may affect your outlook on life, how you see and feel about life.Part 2: Compare and contrast. c. Compare the two worldviews in terms of interconnections and/or similarities between Culture 1 and Culture 2. Articulate/explain carefully as many significant similarities as you can.d. Contrast the two worldviews; explain notable or significant differences between Culture 1 and Culture2.Articulate/explain carefully as many significant differences as you can.

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