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I. Daniel is a 6 year old boy. Currently the boy resides with his mother, father and 2 siblings. The child attends the second grade in a bilingual school. Daniel was indicated to be in good health and was not under the influence of medications at the time of evaluation. The child’s mother reported that Daniel exhibits the following behaviors: “he loses school materials, gets distracted and doesn’t seem to listen when someone talks to him, he always wants to be the one in everything and doesn’t wait his turn, difficulty in following more than one instruction at time, and requires a lot of supervision for their studies ”. The boy’s father mentioned: “Daniel is a child like any child, for me he acts normal.” Both parents report that the child maintains good grades. Both parents added that Daniel was irritated three days ago, when his friend moved to another community. ‘. The child’s mother mentioned that Daniel maintains good interpersonal relationships with his siblings, other children and adults. According to the information provided in the developmental history of Daniel’s pregnancy it was a normal one. His birth conditions were normal, as were his psychomotor and psycholinguistic development. No illnesses or blows to the head were reported. However, the child’s mother described herself as emotionally “depressed” during Daniel’s pregnancy. The child’s teacher reports the following behaviors that she observes daily in the classroom:

  • Maintain attention on tasks or recreational activities
  • Does not follow directions and does not finish school work.
  • Forgets everyday activities
  • Get up in situations where you are expected to remain seated
  • Talks excessively
  • Interrupts
  • Carelessness in homework
  • Difficulty organizing tasks and activities
  • Not enthusiastic about starting tasks that require sustained mental effort
  • Is easily distracted by external stimuli
  • The boy’s academic tutor reports that Daniel has difficulty recognizing sounds and finds it difficult to read. He mentions that he is very distracted and reverses the following numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,9. Reports that Daniel substitutes, confuses, or omits letters and numbers when writing on dictation or blackboard. Mention that you cannot perform tasks alone.

    Daniel’s grandmother described him as a loving child, with reading difficulties and a low tolerance for frustration ”. He added that Daniel likes to play with animals and is affectionate with them.

    Do an analysis of the following case that includes:

    1. Describe the stage of the child’s Development.

    2. What would be the most appropriate Dx for Daniel and why?

    3. What would the differential Dx be considered in Daniel’s case?

    4. What recommendations would you make to Daniel’s family, teacher and grandmother?

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