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This assignment requires you to conduct analyses to determine the extent to which an organization¿s HRM systems and processes are aligned with the strategic objectives and approach of the organization, identify key indications of mis-alignment, and to develop recommendations for future organizational improvement via strategic Human Resource Management practices. This will be done on a hypothetical case study, Great White Capital and BeachCo Ltd., presented for the assignment. Your analysis should include a review of the situation(s) within the case, identify the issues and propose HRM-based strategies to resolve current challenges as well as to take advantage of present and/or future opportunities.

You will play the role of advisor to management and will conduct an in depth analysis of its HR policies, leadership, economic, cultural, change management and organizational strategic factors that have influenced/determined the approach, along with analysis of related effectiveness and potential future issues. From a managers perspective, this will give you an opportunity to apply the concepts and theories discussed and studied as well as drawing from your personal experiences and the collected experiences of your classmates gained through discussion board. Your case study should be double spaced and 7-9 pages in length. It is expected that each paper has been edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation and should include the following:

Part One: The Case Story (about 2-3 pages)

The organization brief overview of its mission, values and culture

  • Its key business imperatives and strategy, market position and key stakeholders
  • Identification of customers and their approach/orientation towards customers
  • Overview of human resources practices

Part Two: The Analysis (about 2-3 pages) Analyze the current situation and challenges faced by management at BeachCo based on information provided. In your analysis, include a review of the HRM practices as well as their approach to managing change. Touch upon as many of the Human Resource functional areas as possible such as Recruitment and Selection, Strategic vs. Tactical Operations, Compensation, Benefits and HRIS, Learning and Development, Diversity and EEO, International HRM, Employee Relations and Organizational Development, or Labor Relations. At a minimum, include the following in your analyses:

  • Current practices, processes and systems
  • Communications approach and levels of influence
  • Alignment of HRM practices with business strategy
  • Effectiveness of leadership
  • The situation or problem being faced by the organization
  • The stakes involved as well as the key players involved in resolving the situation
  • A description of how the situation was or is being addressed
  • The results of actions taken ¿ current outcome(s)Part Three: Recommendations (3-4 pages)
  • Improvements to HRM practices
  • Future considerations for innovation and alignment to business strategy
  • Strategies for increased effectiveness
  • Desired outcomes and impact on results It will be graded based on an equal mix of content, analysis and presentation. Most critical will be ability to link and apply the theories covered throughout the term to a hypothetical case ¿ real life application ¿ using examples and insightful reflection and analysis. Equally important is technical quality of the writing as well as presentation of the written analysis. The case study paper should be double spaced and about 7-9 pages long. It is expected that each paper has been edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation and formatting. Be sure to include examples and to explain your reasoning.

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