Fire Safety Issues with Hendricks Hall Paper

Question Description

First Part Identifying known Fire Safety Issues with Hendricks Hall.

go from 6 doors to 2 doors of exit in front of building
-open stairwells, allows smoke to travel upward faster
-2 exits signs on bottom floor, both leading toward front entrance
-hydraulic elevator, 2 max wheelchair capacity. Could cause complications during fire escape if more more handicap people were in building
-boiler room in hallway leading to Grinstead, emergency stop on wall. Boiler rooms are large fire hazards
-2 small exit doors on each side of theatre. Both currently locked on tour,
-fire-load under stairs
-4 rows of exit going up (aisles between seats)
-2 out swinging double doors at back of theatre for exit
-2 new exit signs on side of stage leading down under the stage where exit doors are available
-upstairs balcony seating is supported by beams from the ceiling (kinda sketchy if capacity is full)
-under the stage where exit sign is posted, you need to go down the stairs for exit out the building, no real arrow telling you that. Could cause confusion in a panic
-ladders and other objects being stored near or in front of exits (exit hazards)
-where fly curtains are, the ceiling is lined with wood (causing heat buildup and rapid fire spread)
-fire hoses on each side of stage (good thing to have)
-stairways on each side of stage have sprinklers (also good)
-some curtains are NFPA 701 rated (reduces fire spreading if used right)
-no handrails on steps upstairs, double steps (trip/fall hazards)
-short railing up top balcony (could lead to someone falling over)

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