Fire Protection Technology Article Review

For this assignment, review the topics you have studied in this course, and find a peer-reviewed article on a topic that interests you. You can use the databases in the CSU Online Library or another source that contains peer-reviewed articles. Write a minimum one-page review of the article that includes the following information:  Briefly introduce and summarize the article.  Identify the author’s main points.  Who is the author’s intended audience?


Were any specific issues addressed in the article? What were they? ï‚· How does the information in the article apply to this course? Does it support the information in your textbook? ï‚· How could the author expand on the main points? The article must be at least three- to five-pages long and no more than three years old.


Use APA style when writing your review as well as for in-text citations and references. Title and reference pages are not included in the page count. 

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