finish assignment 4

Read the excerpt in your text from the Roger’s case. With a partner, read the transcript, and role-play both the part of the client, and part of therapist. Make sure you pay close attention to the“silence” times, and keep a watch/timer with you to make sure those periods are followed. After completing each role play, answer the following questions. This assignment will need to be a minimum of 2 ½ to 3 pages. We will role-play this exercise in class.

a. What were your thoughts/feelings related to both roles?

b. How did you feel, both as a client and the therapist, during the extended periods of


c. For which populations might this approach be most effective?

d. Which specific exercises/skills do you feel were most effective with this type


e. Do you think it’s possible for a therapist to conduct a truly non-directive therapy

session? Why/why not?

f. Thinking about your own personality, how effective do you feel you would be using

this approach to therapy?

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