find short film documentary and compare critique to the class learning objectives

find/watch 2 short films/documentaries for each course learning objective below. Film has to be around 10 min long to be eligible. write 2 SEPARATE pages for the course learning objective. 1 film per objective. 1 page per objective. compare the film to the CLO and follow template for each CLO. has to be single spaced. try to keep on one page.

course learning objective 2: Students will be able to apply critical thinking (including causal analysis and skeptical inquiry) to historical concepts and developments in film.

course learning objective 3: Students will be able to evaluate, analyze and interpret primary and secondary historical sources and make historical arguments based on these sources about Movies With a Message.


Course Learning Objective

#1. The student will gain knowledge of historic particulars and historical methodologies.<PLACE-HOLDER – DO NOT DUPLICATE> (write course learning objective in your own words)

(cite the film)
Here should be a bibliographic-style citation of the source of material used in the paper. Example:

Smith, Al. American Cultures: Readings in Social and Cultural History. Dubuque, Iowa: Kendall-Hunt. 2000.

Citations will duplicate the above standard format. Sources may be from articles, books, documentaries, lectures, and personal communications from qualified historians. There should be no more than two (2) sources that are internet information bases, such as Encarta or Wikipedia.


No less than 100 words that distill the work in question into simple clear statements of meaning and content. If you have never done a summary or abstract of a written work, go to the library & look for The Historical Review, or some other review. Also, the ‘net may provide examples.


No less than 150 words that discuss how the work in question helped you understand the Course Learning Objective.

(no less than 150 words total for critique 1-3, not 150 words each section. just to clarify)

#1 how the book contributes to the understanding of the subject of your CLO (located at the top of the syllabus).

#2, you should show how the film relates to the other films you selected. Grade it with an “A” “B” “C” “D” grade and say why.

#3, you should show the intellectual background of the author of your source. Look her/him up on the internet. This is where you tell me what type of interpretive angle (Feminism, etc.) the historian is using to explain persons, events, or phenomenon of history. Is religion prominent? What social institutional values are being reflected? Is there a cultural aspect of the presented material?

example template down below from an article. but these two CLO’s has to be on 2 short films

class website link if needed:

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