Financial planning case study discussion minimum 250 words

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Financial Planning Case Study

The nonprofit senior community (from the Riverbend City scenario in the multimedia piece in the Studies for this unit) has received the following information about financial problems for fiscal year 2018/2019:

  • The federal grant for the SAFE program is going to be reduced by 30 percent.
  • The Generis corporate grant for general support (unrestricted) is going to be eliminated.
  • Individual contributions for general support (unrestricted) are expected to be reduced by 25 percent.

Using the information provided in the Riverbend City: Statement of Financial Position media piece in this unit, in your initial post, complete the Statement of Financial Position worksheet in the Resources for this assignment. Be sure to check all calculations in the worksheet to make sure it has been set up properly.

For your initial post, detail the assets and liabilities for the restricted and non-restricted revenue sources. Be sure to discuss the importance of the numbers.

Support your post with sources and cite them according to current APA guidelines. Be sure to critically evaluate the concepts and related literature. Address the pro and con arguments.

Attach your completed worksheet with your post.

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