Financial Analysis Presentation

I’m studying for my Computer Science class and need an explanation.

Your final presentation should be a 10+/- minute PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following:

The Company used is Jimmy Beans Wool.

  • Provide background on your organization: What is its business? What are its business objectives? What are its target markets and who are its major competitors?
  • Present a formal statement of the problem or opportunity you are addressing, including a description of the situation and the strategic impact it has on the organization
  • Identify what you believe to be the causes that contribute to the existence of the situation
  • Describe the solution, i.e., the specific IT initiative(s) you are proposing
  • Present a financial analysis (using the format in the financial analysis exercise) for your proposed initiative
  • Identify any “system” issues and how you will deal with them.

Your final presentation needs to include a financial analysis for your proposal describing the costs and benefits. For this exercise, you will use the following files and include them in your presentation and paper.

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