final project submission tax returns

I don’t know how to handle this Accounting question and need guidance.

The second major project within this course is completing the tax return for Daniel B. Butler and Freida C. Butler. The case study for this project will be in Cengage, and you will need to practice filling in the forms before you complete the project. Daniel B. Butler and Freida C. Butler emailed you back with all of the necessary documents you need to do their tax return. The Final Project Two Support Files ZIP file (located in the assignment prompt in your course) includes the forms you will need to fill out for the tax return as well as the template you will use to complete the Tax Planning section of the project. The Tax Planning section is important since there are often changes to a client’s tax situation. It is important to address concerns your clients may have regarding upcoming changes to their income or deductions. Pay close attention to the details your clients have provided to you along the way so you can best assist them in planning ahead for future years. Remember, tax liability is driven by taxable income and deductions. If clients anticipate a change in either, their tax liability will likely be affected in some way.

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