Final Project of Marketing

I don’t understand this Marketing question and need help to study.

This is the requirement, I am going to provided the background research and the link of my survey I done before, you job is going to focus on the topic and meet all the requiremnt. 8 pages double spaced.

The final project is pretty straightforward.

You will be submitting a paper that is very similar to things you have already done before. Specifically, the paper should have an extended background section that really explores the topic.

The paper overall should have the following sections:

(1) Introduction/Background, 3-5 pages double spaced. This should also be where you should explicitly define your research question – again the question should come out of and/or be supported by background and secondary research.You MUST INCLUDE some tables/charts that help to define the ISSUE YOU ARE RESEARCHING. You should identify your research questions at the end of this section.

(2) Methods section – this is by far the bulk of the paper (it IS a research course after all).

  • Identify three ways you would research this topic, identifying the best method(s) although one should be survey. It’s not just about saying “I’m going to do a focus group”, it’s about showing me you know how/where to apply the various methods.
  • When discussing your survey, you should talk about the things that you are measuring, such as satisfaction, usage rates, price points, pre-covid lockdown versus continuing-covid reopening, which demographics and WHY those demographics, etc. (whatever YOUR research is asking for – these are called variables!). I want to know that you understand the process of survey creation is about identifying an issue and what you need to resolve or address that issue.
  • Imagine you are selling this research as a proposal and the client needs to understand what they are getting. During this section you should reference your updated survey (which should be included in the appendix of the paper).

(3) Proposed Findings – Describe what you hope to find. What you believe you will answer and/or what strategies you hope to identify. In this I want to you full wrap up the project in my mind. So something like: In this research I plan to devise a plan for ________. Data on ___ and ____ will provide XX answers that will allow me to devise that strategy…and so on. This is your final opportunity to pull it all together.

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