Final Exam

Can you help me understand this Business question?

Just a reminder that your final exam in this course is this Friday, August 21st from 8:30 – 11:30 am and will be available to you in ‘testing’ at approximately 8:30. You are to follow the same procedures for completing this exam as you followed when you wrote the midterm exam.

In case some students may have difficulty submitting their exams, I will not penalize students if I receive their email with their solutions attached before 11:45 am. If they submit it later than that, they will lose a minimum of 5 marks.

For this exam, you should readily have available for you: a typed copy of the formula sheet I previously posted; and, a typed copy of the z-table, a calculator, a ruler (or something else that will allow you to draw a straight line, writing instruments that write dark enough so that I can read your writing, and enough blank pieces of paper to write your answers on if you were not able to print out the exam.


  • there are 15 questions on the exam marked out of a total of 80 points
  • 2 of the questions are anywhere from chapters 1 thru 3 (worth a total of 6 marks)
  • 1 question from chapter 4 (worth a total of 6 marks)
  • 6 questions from chapter 5 (worth a total of 34 marks)
  • 3 questions from chapter 6 (worth a total of 17 marks)
  • 3 questions from chapter 7 (worth a total of 17 marks)

Sorry the time would be 8:30 to 11:30 am on August 21

I already add the price for 3 hours, I will put 60$ for this question, plus that 45$, it would be 105$ in total

And here is an example for the final

I will send you two reminder, One at 8:00 and another one at 8:15

Thank you

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