final exam

I need help with a Communications question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

This is the take home Final Exam.

It is one question. Here it is:

Picture your ideal job in 10 years. Utilizing the topics and sources from below, imagine yourself in a perfect job with everything you want; in other words, you are successful. What are the key elements from this class that you will take with you to become successful? In other words, what did you learn in this class that will help you get that dream job in 10 years?

You must submit it by August 2.

It must be 750-1000 words (3-4 double space pages in 12-pitch font)

It must be written in good business English, meaning

      • it is clear, complete and concise
      • it has been proofread and has at least 3-4 paragraphs for each answer
      • it has a beginning, middle and end


No research is necessary. Use the following sources:

  1. your book
  2. any materials in the modules
  3. any other experience you would like to share which you had during the semester


To help you write your answer to the question, here are some topics we discussed in class which will help you answer the question

  1. fake news v. credible sources
  2. speaking with integrity and working ethically
  3. utilization of emotional and cultural intelligence in the workplace
  4. how to brand yourself for better jobs and good networking skills
  5. how to get a job based on skills and interests as well as experience
  6. the importance of technology and the use of virtual teams and zoom meetings in business
  7. how Covid-19 will affect the future job market and what you can do to find the best job for you
  8. the importance of teams, both online and in real time
  9. how to integrate different online platforms into your career plans

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