Final Exam

I’m stuck on a Biology question and need an explanation.

In the beginning of the course, we talked about levels of organization – how one of the things that define life is that they are organized from smaller units into larger units (and how that takes energy). For your final exam, I would like you to choose an animal species (your choice), and detail each of its levels of organization, specific to that animal. You should include (at least) a page (12 pt font double spaced) about each of the following:

  1. What type of cells does this animal have (prokaryotic or eukaryotic), how are the cells organized (organelles and what type), what does the animal eat, and how do the organelles in the cells use the nutrients that come from the animal’s food? (Be specific – you will be discussing how cellular respiration occurs).
  2. What anatomical features does this animal have that are critical to its survival? How are those organs and features adapted to the animals environment? (Think – homologous/analogous structures, adaptations, organ systems).
  3. What is the population and community structure of this organism (how many are there, where do they live, what features of the environment are critical to their survival, what organisms do they depend on, what organisms depend on them?) – Think – populations of them, how different populations are genetically distinct, what communities do they live in, what biome/ecosystem is their community found in?

This should be at least a full page of text, in 12 pt font, for you to cover this in enough detail, but, it is the attention to detail I am looking for, not the length. I cannot stress this enough – DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANYTHING, NOT EVEN IN QUOTES. This is to be ENTIRELY in your own words. As such, it will be submitted through Turnitin checking for copied text. If you copy text, you’ll get a 0. I’m pretty easy going – but this is one thing I’m absolutely serious about.

You need to cite your sources of information – author and date (if they are available), title of the article you used, and web address. In science, we use APA format. You can use Purdue University’s site (Links to an external site.) to create your citations.

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