final essay 41

Length: 3-5 pages

Must include 2 to 3 ‘outside’ sources in your essay

Include a Works Cited page as the last page of your essay

MLA Format


To evaluate and analyze a short film and to include researched support for your argument.When choosing a film, view a variety of genres until you find one that interests you. Maybe the film changes your view about something, tugs at an emotion, helps you relax, or could be just a waste of your time. Be sure to view the film more than once for anything you might have missed.

  • Based on your choice, introduce your topic and begin with a brief overview, specifically for an audience who has not seen the film. Lead to your thesis statement.
  • Evaluate the film based on the criteria that you decide (this should be in your thesis statement/evaluation). After watching the film, you may find that you did not like it or have issues with it, and that is fine as well. Here, you may find that you are analyzing aspects of the film or a major component such as the story, a specific character, or theme as you evaluate.
  • As you write, consider how you will support your ideas. Your support should include moments of the film for evidence as well as your own reasoning. You must also include ‘hard’ evidence and one form of evidence must be a journal article or book. You may also include a credible website article, blog, or film review to support your argument about the film.
  • You might also want to think about other points of view. Who might not support your evaluation? Maybe your goal is not to persuade an audience to view the film, but, instead, you are interested in convincing them that the dialogue works, the story’s pacing moves well, the characters are believable, or the music works as a clue of what will happen next.

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