final draft

I’m studying and need help with a English question to help me learn.

I think you did an excellent job of dissecting the writer’s composition. Your language is sophisticated and professional. However, it can distract the readers or make the essay, overall, hard to read. I would advise using more common used vocabulary for easier reading for your audience.Your analysis is advanced and was very interesting to read. Please also fix your work cited page and indent after the first line. Also, please don’t characterized the readers by using words such as “exacting, lenient, typical, a trained and thorough” because it is irrelevant. Overall, you did an amazing job and good luck with your final draft.

I really enjoyed reading your entire paper. You used great examples to support your claim in that the author failed to provide relevant evident for his. And if I had to change something thing about your rough draft I would personally start with “…the art of protest…” because it is straight to the point and the phrase before is slightly unclear. Overall, I think so far you are on the right track! Best of luck on your final paper!

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