field and interest

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assume you are computer engineering major student find me a FIELD and goal you would ACCOMPLISH just find me a something related to computers

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Identify and document your field and your professional goal or field interest (as a handout)

Document your field and what type of work you would like to do in your field- specifically, what are you interested in working on? If you have not decided this yet, identify your area of interest in your field. What do you want to spend your time doing when you graduate? What is your “dream job”? Share what you are really interested in. Students have successfully found research on things as specific as rollercoaster design and biomimicry for HVAC systems.


Identify and document who your clients/investors are and their priorities, Audience Analysis (on the handout)

Who is the client or funder for the product or service you will be providing? How does your product or service get procured? Who makes the decision to buy or fund your product or service?

Often the person using your product is different than the person who hires you to provide the service or funds the creation of your product. As an example, government officials make buying decisions about who designs the addition for their municipal water treatment plant, but the public uses it- they are the customers. Developers make the decision of who will be the structural engineer for their next project, however, the people who occupy the projects are the users. For this work, you are interested in the person who makes the decision to purchase your service or fund your product and what they expect and prioritize.

Requirement: You must have three credible sources that discuss who your clients are and what is important to them. (This can be from a credible news outlet or professional journal). I expect you will need references to determine the priorities of your clients/funders. These sources may include business publications (i.e. the Wall Street Journal), Government publications (i.e. Nextgov for government IT, and Government Executive Magazine), or Industry Journals for your client/funders fields.

Document what you found to share with your group

Document what you have found in a short (1-2 page single-spaced) handout that you can use during your first group meeting; make it easy to read and professional in appearance. Use section headers that are visually distinct from your detailed text. Have a consistent font style and size for each element (i.e. section titles can be different than the body text). You may also include a picture of yourself since we are connecting virtually this semester. Sections your document will include are:

Team Introduction for [your name]

My Field – name your field

My Professional Goal/Interest – In this section identify your interest and include a statement on why you are interested in this.

What is/are the product(s) or service(s) you will produce?

Who are the people that decide to buy or pay for your product?

What matters to these people –

References Use APA formatting (Links to an external site.) for your in-text citations (Links to an external site.) and reference list (Links to an external site.).

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