Fictional Sociocultural

PSY645 Fictional Sociocultural Case Studies

Case #1

Frank is a 45-year-old male who identifies as gay. He stated his reason for seeking out

psychotherapy “is because my boyfriend doesn’t want to have sex with me.” When asked about

the frequency of his sexual activity with his boyfriend, he reported that they have sex at least

once a week. While this tends to be the average amount of sex that couples generally have, he

repeated, “You don’t understand. I just want him to have sex with me!” When asked to share his

boyfriend’s name, Frank responded, “Orlando Bloom… you know, the actor in those movies.”

Frank appeared well groomed with logical thought and poor insight into his problems. He denied

symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Case #2

Chrissy is a 28-year-old female of Argentinean descent. Chrissy was born in the United States

two years after her parents emigrated. She stated her reason for seeking out psychotherapy “is

because my family won’t let me be the person I want to be.” She endorses symptoms of

depression and chronic passive suicidal ideation with a plan but no intent. One of her goals in life

is to be an independent entrepreneur, as she wants to start a designer clothing line for pregnant

women. However, this goes against her family’s expectation that she become a stay at home

mom and raise children of her own. She appeared well groomed with logical thought and

moderate insight into her problems.

Case #3

Harvey and Tina are a middle-aged mixed-race couple who present for counseling after 20 years

of marriage. They state that there are no known problems in their marriage, but they would like

to establish a safe space to discuss issues as they might develop. While gathering history, you

learn that Tina was born as Anthony and went through sex reassignment surgery two years into

her relationship with Harvey. Shortly after going through sex reassignment, Harvey and Tina

married. Harvey and Tina appeared well groomed with superior insight and no plans to use

insurance for counseling.

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