FAU Nursing Windshield Survey

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Mauer, F.A. & Smith, C. M. (2013).

Chapters 15-17 & 22
Community assessment tool applied to geopolitical and phenomenological communities.rtf Download Community assessment tool applied to geopolitical and phenomenological communities.rtf
Textbook windshield study.rtf Download Textbook windshield study.rtf 


National Center for Environmental Health (5:58)
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). (2016, September 1). National center for environmental health (NCEH) [Video]. YouTube.
National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH) (Links to an external site.)

Using a variety of instruments (Windshield Survey, Community Assessment Tool, Screening interviews, etc.) while in your community, you will assess the community location. This will lead to a list of identified, prioritized health needs and your recommendations for intervention.

You will complete a windshield survey of your community. The objective of a windshield survey is to assess a community in a short, simple way, compiling data to help form an analysis of that community. Simply put, a windshield survey is the equivalent of a community head-to-toe assessment. There are 6 elements that should be included in your windshield survey (See Community Assessment Template Download Community Assessment Template). You will drive through your community and document your findings on a PowerPoint presentation. Take pictures of your community to enhance your PowerPoint presentation.

A Windshield Survey (Website Resource 15C, p. 425).

  • The Community Assessment Tool applied to Phenomenological Communities (Website Resource 15A, p. 425).

You may also wish to review Chapter 13, Box 13-1 (p. 343) for examples of assessments that may be appropriate for your community population, since the Community Assessment Tool includes some screening data and information from clients.

Plan how you will obtain the information for the assessments.

Conduct a Windshield Survey assessment.

Drive around your community and take pictures.

Create a PowerPoint presentation no more than 10 slides addressing each area of the windshield study


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