Fashion History (HANDBAGS)

Fashion History (HANDBAGS)

“The Development in the usage of handbags, their importance and purpose over time”? OR “The brand prioritization and functional transition of the handbag over the


This paper should cover the functional development of Handbags, brands prioritization on specific types of handbags, the way brands focus on bespoke, craftsmanship

and limited production of handbags. Over the years all industries have seen advancement in their fields. Handbags have been through drastic transitions. Handbags are

also seen as an artwork when created by brands such Hermes, whose designs focuses on being handcrafted not mass-produced. From a coin purse to luggage to nowadays

baguette or Handbag, the handbags has transformed in purpose, mass production scale and the means of producing them as well. Nowadays, consumers not only purchase

handbags for the mere purpose of carrying around their personal belongings, but it is also considered to be a worthy investment as a luxurious item. Thus, the

historical preservation of a women’s accessory is well maintained. The development of handbag in areas that are commercial such as mass production and non-commercial,

that is rich in culture, heritage and its craftsmanship have changed the perception of this accessory today. Women carry the Handbag as a source that voices the

statement of their personality.

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