Famous Journalist Research Project

Famous Journalist Research Project

Paper instructions:
Famous Journalist Research Project
Conduct a Research on the famous journalist Anderson Cooper (CNN)

• Gather your information from a wide variety of sources: Internet, TV, magazines, newspapers, and biographic resources in the University Library. Include a reference list of all sources.

• Interview a local journalist, newspaper editor, or broadcaster (radio, TV, or Internet) for that person’s professional perspective on the famous journalist. Include that interview in your article.

• Watch at least one interview or story by your journalist, or a portion of one if an entire story is not available.
Write an article or story about the journalist selected (Anderson Cooper)

• Introduce the journalist.
• Describe his major accomplishments, why he or she is famous, and how he or she got started in journalism.
• Include pertinent personal information.
• Include your interview with the local journalist.
Use in text citations and at least 3 peer reviewed references, format paper to be consistent with APA guidelines.

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