Answer in at least 3 pages for each question (total length should be approximately 9-10 pages, double space


Use ONLY the texts discussed in class, NO independent research: answer directly to the point! You may use quotes (in which case always cite. page numer in parenthesis) but they should not be longer than 2 lines and always accompanied by your comments.


1. What is faith for Fichte (BOOK 3 Vocation of Man) and how does it differ from Kierkegaard’s conception of faith in Problema 1 of Fear and Trembling? What is, for each of them, the relation between faith and intersubjectivity? What is both philosophers’ relation to Kant’s idea of subjectivity with regard to the issue of faith?


2. Discuss and compare Hegel’s, Marx’s and Nietzche’s conception of history in the texts read during the semester. What is the relation between history and freedom?


3. What is the difference between animal and human life according to Marx (Economic Philosophic Manuscript, account of alienated labor) and to Nietzsche (Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life)?


I’m looking for only Philososhy experts who can actually answer easily with his/her basic knowledge. Please do not use Internet sources !!


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