Extended Discussion Armstrong and Beiderbecke

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This assignment should be about one page in length.

You will write about two recordings available on the text website in the playlist Louis Armstrong and the First Great Soloists: #1 Louis Armstrong “Hotter Than That,” and Bix Beiderbecke/Frankie Trumbauer “Singin’ the Blues.” As you write about the “Hotter Than That,” you should write about a half of a page; for “Singin’ the Blues,” you should also write about a half a page.

As you listen to the two recordings for this assignment, write down your thoughts. Both of these selections were recorded during the same time frame (late 1920s) and both feature prominent brass soloists: Louis Armstrong on trumpet and Bix Beiderbecke on cornet.

As you listen to “Hotter Than That,” describe what you are hearing. Describe the tone quality of Armstrong’s trumpet. Discuss the range used by the Armstrong and how the solo is played rhythmically. Finally, tell me how the recording makes you feel.

As you listen to the “Singin’ the Blues,” describe what you are hearing using the criteria specified for the first recording including a description of Bix Beiderbecke’s cornet tone quality and range. Also, compare this recording with the first recording. Tell me which recording you like better and why.

When you have completed this assignment, please post your thoughts about these recordings in this discussion forum.

After others in the class have posted, reply to each of their posts.

Note there will be short replay to other students after they post there discussions

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