Expository Essay

Expository Essay


The explanation of something is as much a form of argumentation as anything else. Because explanation of a process, relationship or concept is always subjective, there are countless variations of bread recipes, father-son bonds or ways to explain happiness. When we try to explain something, we key on important aspects and assemble them in a way that we best understand them: “Always sautee the onions before aIDing the hamburger.” “A tree is like a person because it has hands and feet and a heart.” “The most important part of being a sibling is listening.”
All of these are subjective ways to explain a thing; all are debatable.
Your assignment is a 6-7 page essay arguing for a particular perspective on the career path you would most like to pursue. You will write a structured essay that comprises the lessons learned from the Tree Essay (process analysis, compare contrast) and the Here Essay (cause-and-effect).

–    Process Analysis: What is the thing itself? Explain the job. Explain why you’d be good at it.
–    Cause-and-Effect: When did you first know you wanted to do this? What are the steps one takes to do so?
–    Compare and Contrast: Why this as opposed to some other aspect of the career?

The essay will not simply be an overview of the career. You are explaining why you’ve chosen your life to a single career path, explaining what that career is and why you’re suited for it. You’re essentially explaining to me (as well as yourself) why you’ve made such an important life decision.
Your essay should be structured simply with an introduction, body paragraphs to explain all the aforementioned aspects of the careers and a conclusion. Evidence supporting all of these is essential. Evidence includes memories and details. You should fully explain all your points. If you do this, you will have no problem meeting the page requirements.

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