Exploration of the Need for Types of Preparation for Educational Leadership in Saudi Arabia

Topic: Exploration of the Need for Types of Preparation for Educational Leadership in Saudi Arabia

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This is a final attempt to complete this chapter. It is important that the writer should be a very qualified in this field. You need to write 10000 words. I have done this work before but the supervisor refused it because of the load of comments. The research questions and my writing are attached. The supervisor commented the following:

” the feedback attached links to the discussion we had this morning about the importance of building an argument in your writing. We talked about two key aspects of hour work that need to be changed if your work is to be at a level suitable for PhD. Firstly, you need to develop a writing style that builds an argument, rather than just offering different ideas from the literature. We talked through a few examples of how you might do this.
The second area for development is about thinking more deeply about the points and research that you offer from the literature. Try to think what underpins them. What are the concepts that they are built on and how do different ideas fit together, or contradict each other or sit in tension. Look for underlying themes you do pick up on one in particular whether related to theory and practice. How do both of these translate and sit together in notions of leadership and leadership preparation?”

the following link has all references I used and you should use as well as

You may use other references, but please make sure they not older than 8 years and they are related to education and not business.
Please use this book recommended to by the supervisor:
Fullan M. Change management
David Hargreaves, Helen Gunter context
Tony Bush
Mart Brundrett

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