Exercise 5 in Chapter 2 gave 1

Exercise 5 in Chapter 2 gave   12 observations on daily energy demand readings (kW h) for remote telecommunications stations throughout Cameroon, from which the sample mean and sample standard deviation are 32.59 and 10.66, respectively. Suppose the investigators had believed a priori that true average daily energy demand would be at most 30 kW h. Does the data contradict this prior belief? Assuming normality, test the appropriate hypotheses using a significance level of .05.

Exercise 5

In the article “Evaluation of Optimal Power Options for Base Transceiver Stations of Mobile Telephone Networks Cameroon” (Solar Energy, 2012: 2935–2949), researchers recorded site specific information for remote telecommunications stations throughout Cameroon. The following observations are daily energy demand readings (kWh) for 12 stations:

Without doing any computation, how do you think the sample mean compares to the sample median? What would you report as representative, or typical, of the daily energy demand for these stations? What prompted your choice?

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