Exercise 35 of Section 3.5 gav

Exercise 35 of Section 3.5 gave data on x1  wire feed rate, x2  welding speed, and y  deposition rate of a welding process. Minitab output from fitting the multiple regression model with x1 and x2 as predictors is given here.

a. Carry out the model utility test.

b. Calculate and interpret a 95% confidence interval for 2, the population regression coefficient of x2.

c. When x1  11.5 and x2  40, the estimated standard deviation of  is s  .02438. Calculate a 95% confidence interval for true average deposition rate for the given values of x1 and x2.

d. Calculate a 95% prediction interval for the deposition rate resulting from a single experimental run with x1  11.5 and x2  40.

Exercise 35

Fill in all the columns in the design matrix for the 252 design of Example 10.12.

Example 10.12


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