example of social psychological research

I don’t understand this Psychology question and need help to study.

For this week’s discussion post, first you will need to search online to find an example of social psychological research. Your research study can come from anywhere, but if you are stumped some good places to look are online magazines like Science Daily or the health section of an online newspaper. Your post should include a link to the research study you choose. Your study should be a recent one (conducted in the past 10 years) rather than a classic like Milgram’s obedience study or the Stanford prison study.

What to post?

  • In your post, you should summarize the research question briefly and explain why you think it relates to social psychology.
  • Identify what type of research design that was used (was it an experiment, correlation, descriptive?)
  • Briefly explain what the researchers found and if you can, highlight at least one problem you see with the study.

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