examining how the music industry represents the sexualization of females 1

Doesn’t necessarily need to be 8 pages, but needs to 2500 words so however many pages that ends up being. Needs to have up to 3 examples represented in modern music. i.e. particular songs from an artist ect. More guidelines in the attached file.

Specifically identify the issue of interest

  • Articulate why you are interested in this issue
  • What form of media and genre did you investigate to view this issue
  • The media form with the words of any songs, poems, and scans of art work used
  • Scholarly research to substantiate your findings
  • Apply the sociological &/or feminist perspective

You must cite your sources both parenthetically and in a bibliography using ASA citation style. If you have concerns or questions about doing this, please refer to the American Sociological Association (ASA) reference guide

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