Every Person Has a Specific C

For this assignment, you will reflect on what you know about your current self in terms of personality and you will also write about your future self. First, you will identify and discuss 4 personality concepts as they apply to your current self. Then, end the paper with a reflection about aging and your future self. In this second part, focus on application of developmental psychology and the changes you may expect for your future. Incorporate specific details and terminology of what you have learned in this class. I recognize that elements of this paper may be personal in nature. You are welcome to share as much or as little as you are comfortable sharing when it comes to personal details. There are many concepts from this course that you can potentially draw on, so you should choose topics that you are comfortable discussing. The goal here is to think deeply and apply concepts, so I am open to however you would like to demonstrate that. I will not be grading/judging your personal journey in any way. I will be grading based on your clear application of concepts, examples, and quality of writing (see rubric below). Additionally: You must select concepts covered in your textbook or the readings provided on Canvas. The concepts should be empirically validated ideas discussed in this course, NOT based on pseudoscience, an internet blog, or “pop psychology.” You will not need to spend time defining each concept in detail; but rather, demonstrate your knowledge of each concept by connecting it to observations of yourself and providing specific examples. Aim for 3 pages on current personality concepts and 1 page on aging/future self. Practice conciseness and only include the most relevant and important examples to meet the requirements of the assignment.

The text book is “The personality puzzle 8th edition” — attached

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