event one analysis

Read the Week 2-4 Learning Team Assignment Instructions document and choose one of the events listed to complete this assignment. (USING 9/11 Attacks)

Create a 10-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes and include the following:

  • Background of the major event
    • Include key factors which resulted in the event occurring
    • Describe the event- what happened and why it happened
    • Locations and demographics impacted- regional, local, global
    • Research the impact on the global value chain
      • Reaction of global supply chains to event with emphasis on global security, climate risks, and volatile demand changes:
        • Disaster recovery methods
        • Supply constraints
        • Supply chain impact based on event category
          • Containment actions- examples: technology changes for Y2K, logistics security for 9/11
  • Impact on the demand-supply interface
  • Lessons learned in the aftermath of the event
  • Permanent changes to supply chain practices as a result of the event
  • Team assessment of lessons learned in today’s global value chain models
  • Additional recommendations to mitigate risk as related to this type of event

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

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