Even under the increased level

Even under the increased levels of security sought by current airport security practices, airports try to assure rapid processing of individuals through security checkouts. In an experiment designed to find combinations of factors that will minimize travelers’ processing times at security checkpoints, three factors were studied: the number of ticket checkers (2 or 3), the number of X-ray machines (1 or 2), and the number of metal detectors (1 or 2) (“Operation of Airport Security Checkpoints Under Increased Threat Conditions,” J. of Transp. Engr.,1996: 264– 269). Each of the possible combinations of these factors was studied by using eight separate random samples of 67 travelers. The processing times (in seconds) are summarized in the table below.

a. Calculate all main effects and interaction effects for this experiment.

b. Pool the standard deviations of the replicated runs to find a value for SSE.

c. Using the SSE from part (b), determine which effects are significant (at   .05).

d. Which settings (high or low) of the factors in part (c) lead to minimizing processing time?

e. What is the best way to staff a security checkpoint if management wants to limit the number of employees to five per checkpoint? Note: X-ray machines and metal detectors each require one operator.

f. Is the disparity in magnitudes of the standard deviations a possible cause for concern in this experiment?

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