Evaluation Report

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Evaluation Report
Could be Bedford, Northampton, Dartford

Identify an example of a community, neighbourhood or parish plan which has involved the community (geographic or interest) in its development. For your report provide the following:
an outline community profile
a description of how the community were involved using models of participation
details of the methods and techniques used to involve the community
a critical analysis of the community involvement activity
The report should show evidence of creative thinking, collating, analyzing and presenting data and link to the learning outcomes
Describe the community, is it a one of geography/place (a village, housing estate, town) or of interest (carers group, SureStart centre)
Statistics and data to support your description – Office for National Statistics, indices of multiple deprivation, public health reports, Ofsted reports
Maps, photographs, graphs, charts can be used here if it will enhance the community profile

Detail the specific tools used to involve the community
For example if a questionnaire was used, who did it go to, was it online or via post, was it suitable to all ages and literacy skills.
Examples of questionnaires, photos of events and other details can be included in the appendices section of your report
Were there different methods for different members of the community?
Your opportunity to be creative and to evidence your knowledge, understanding and community involvement skills
Does the plan show that all members of the community have been involved, explained why that is important, what could be improved
If you have identified gaps or inadequate or inappropriate community involvement methods what would you have done differently?

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