Ethnic groups stereotypes.

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See the prompt in Week 2, the syllabus, and the grading rubric. As a sociologist, evaluate and discuss the stereotypes of two ETHNIC (not RACIAL) groups in the U.S. (Irish, Mexican, Haitian, Chinese, Egyptian, etc.) as well as, the effects stereotyping has on group members. If you are unsure of the Ethnic group portrayed in the media, but only recognize the racial group, be sure to specify the racial group and note the assumed ethnic group (for example you might recognize a group portrayed as Asian, but are not sure which ethnic group is specifically being stereotyped). Use any resources from the mass media that demonstrate the stereotypes you are discussing (internet memes, TV shows/movies, newspaper/magazine articles, song lyrics/videos, popular fictional books, etc.) . Give specific details of the media’s portrayal (give the name of the source {TV show, movie, news channel segment, newspaper article} and describe the stereotype. Then discuss the consequences for the group being stereotyped. Provide citations and references where needed.

Paper should be organized as follows:

Part A: Introduction Paragraph describing what your paper will be about

Part B: Ethnic group 1- media’s portrayal of stereotypes (be specific-what TV show, movie, video, and what did they show?)

Consequences of stereotypes for this group

Part C: Ethnic group 2- repeat part B for a 2nd ethnic group

Part D: Conclusion- wrap up what you have written about and provide final thoughts

Label each part please

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