– Ethics in the Courts Worksheet

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complete worksheet court players and roles Since many players are involved in the court system, many ethical issues can occur. In this assignment you will research the key players and explain what they do as well as common ethical issues and common sanctions.

Court Personnel


Common Ethical Violations

Common Sanctions


Prosecuting Attorney

Defense Attorney

Part 2: Local Courts

You explained the roles, ethical violations, and sanctions of judges, prosecuting attorneys, and defense attorneys in general. Now you will research how court officials are monitored and elected in your community.

Answer each of the following questions in at least 45 to 90 words.

1. How are judges elected or appointed in your community or district? Provide an explanation and cite the source where you found this information.

2. Who is the governing authority for licensing and monitoring attorneys in your area? Explain the duties of the governing authority.

3. Which court personnel role you described in Par 1 has a higher level of ethical expectations? Why?

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