EssEntials of Life-Span DeveLopment

EssEntials of Life-Span DeveLopment

FiFth Edition

John W. Santrock

Essen t i a l s o f L i fe -Span Deve lopmen t

f i f t h e d i t i o n

John W. Santrock University of Texas at Dallas


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Santrock, John W., author. Essentials of life-span development / John W. Santrock, University of Texas at Dallas. Fifth Edition. | New York : McGraw-Hill Education, 2018. | Revised edition of the author’s Essentials of life-span development, [2016] LCCN 2016038147 | ISBN 9781259708794 (alk. paper) | ISBN 1259708799 (alk. paper) LCSH: Developmental psychology. LCC BF713 .S256 2016b | DDC 155—dc23 LC record available at

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