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Summary: You will interview a full-time working professional in the field of public relations or the media (not a teacher or a student) as well as research the topic on your own. Be careful of titles as titles do not always determine a person’s actual job. For example, a Director of Communications might be a public relations professional.

BACKGROUND (50% of grade)

Select an area of interest from the nine areas listed in Category 1 and match it with one of the five responsibilities listed in Category 2:

Category 1: government, healthcare, education, corporations, nonprofits, organizations/clubs, sports/entertainment, libraries/museums, travel/tourism

Category 2: lobbying, fundraising, investor relations, employee relations, technician (creates/writes brochures, websites, newsletters, etc.)

Include TWO cited sources (you may also cite the text as a third source)

Possible sources include industry publications and public relations sections of websites. The articles you select must reference the area you choose directly. Summarize the information as it relates to your interview subject and the particular career field.

INTERVIEW(50% of grade)

Find someone working in the field you’ve chosen who works in the area of responsibility you chose. Below are some questions to ask; feel free to ask additional questions of your own based on your research.

1. What are the person’s primary responsibilities? Ask for examples related to the major area of interest you’ve selected.

2. What is the person’s background, and how did it qualify them for their current position?

3. Ask the person to describe a typical work day or work week.

4. What is the most satisfying and rewarding aspect of the job?

5. What is the most challenging aspect of the job?

6. What predictions does the person have for the future of public relations?

The finished product should be 3 – 4 pages.

Please note that this assignment must be written as a research paper, NOT as a Q&A with your interview questions followed by the answers.

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