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Presentation and Paper Assignment #2:  Assessing a Religious Group


Paper Due: May 15th

Presentations take place:  May 6 – 15



Religious Group Profile #2:  Non-Christian Groups



Basics:  Create a profile of a religious group outside of the US mainstream by compiling several content areas.  You may work with your research partners as much as desired, but everyone must turn in their own report.


Unlike the report #1, this report does not require visiting a religious group in person, provided you can view a video of their services online.


Content:  The key areas of content are listed below. 


Creativity:  You are creating an attractive profile of your religious group.  I expect you to include visuals, formatting or even charts/graphs if appropriate  to “punch up” your report.



Length:  I expect a report of, at minimum, fifteen pages.  However, take the space you need to provide the necessary content.   If you utilize many images, etc. your report could easily be much longer.

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