essay 4 market research

Imagine that you are a member of management at a successful high-end adult clothing and accessories retailer that is considering launching an exclusive line of high-end children’s clothing. This is a new venture for your company, which has until now been focused completely on the adult market. Before committing resources to fully developing a marketing plan for the proposed children’s clothing line, you have called for research that will help you better understand customers’ wants and needs as well as the competitive environment.

In an essay:

  1. Describe the issues that the market research should explore. What would you want to know?
  2. Explain why this information would be needed to help develop a marketing plan for the proposed line of high-end children’s clothing. How would this information be used to make better decisions?

To ensure immediate feedback, please submit a response between 100 and 1000 words. Essay length alone will not necessarily result in a high or low score.

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