Essay 1300 words in APA

Help me study for my Philosophy class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Essay should be 1300 words minimum on an ethics case,

The topic is COVID-19. You must select a specific case or issue associated with COVID-19 (provide a link as well), and you are not to write on COVID-19 in a more general sense. Here are instructions on how to proceed with the essay:

In essay, the first part -about the first third of your essay – should be devoted to your summarizing the facts of the case or issue, as primarily described in the text itself.

The second part is where you unfold and describe what is most ethically important about the case or issue. What moral decisions are at stake? What are the ethical topics, definitions, and concepts that are most relevant to the case or issue? In this middle part of the essay, you are trying to expose and describe what is ethically most problematic about the case, and you should be able to discuss this using some of the theories and concepts we have developed over the course of the semester (Moral relativism, Kantian deontological theory, doctrine of double effect, Bentham theory) Within the rather limited space you have to work with, you cannot possibly describe how every aspect of ethical theory we have so far studied applies to your case – and you should not try to do so! Again, the idea is for you to focus on what is most relevant in your case or issue.

In the third part of your essay, you should state the most important moral decision(s) you would make if you were to respond to the case or issue, and also explain why! You need to give reasons for your decision. To put the same point in other terms: what is do you think is the right action to take with respect to the case or issue, and why?

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