Ergogenic Effects of Caffeine

Can you help me understand this Biology question?

please follow:

please write 8 pages and the 9th page with be for the 5 article references.

  1. The title page for the paper should include the title of the entire project; course name, number, and section number; professor’s name; and date. Title page does not count toward the page count.
  2. Paper must be double-spaced, including between paragraphs. New paragraphs should be started with a single tab.
  3. Paper must have 1” margins on all sides.
  4. Font must be 12 pt., Arial font (regular).
  5. Minimum lengths refer to full pages; a full page is 23 lines of text. Do not use section headings for “filler” as these will not count towards page count. Short or long papers will be penalized based on the amount written/missing.
  6. Direct quotations are not appropriate for this project; you are to write a paper, not copy and paste from other papers.
  7. All references must be professional peer-reviewed articles or from an edited book (including your textbook).
  8. Your in-text citations and references need to be in current American Medical Association (AMA) format. There is an EndNote template for this style; it is highly suggested that you use it as you start doing research.
  9. Please be sure to thoroughly research the topic and identify at least 5 research articles that you will include their findings in your paper

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