ENVS3032 University of Colorado Environment and Media in Society Essay

Question Description

Critical Reflection using the readings, videos, and case study materials from this week as talking point sources for responding to the following prompts 

Length: 2+ good paragraphs

After your Biopic, it’s time to share a reflection on this week’s study materials. The pieces for this week are core items that will support us for the rest of the class, as well as a preliminary case study to begin digging into the world of environmental media studies. For more info and a summary of each of the readings, videos, and case study items for this week please view the Week 1 | Introduction and Overview page, also available from the modules section for this week.

Here are the specific prompts to guide you:

In the How Culture Shapes the Climate Debate chapter, Hoffman identifies an idea about the “6 Americas”. How do you see these perspectives reflected in the case study this week? In the Intro to Critical Media Studies chapter and the Crash Course Media Literacy videos many powerful ideas about mass media are identified. What do you see in the case study that relates to these ideas? Given these ideas, what from makes you think (or re-think) the way media stories could (or should) be told? Is there anything from this week’s materials that you had never thought about before in these regards, if so, what are they and what did you learn?

Hint!: As you write, consider the ideas from the videos and readings around media messaging, especially the differences between content and form.

Finally, is there a personal question or specific point based on the week’s materials that you would like others to respond to? If so, please make sure you highlight this clearly in your post.

Hint!: Creativity in crafting your post is most welcome, just be sure to tie ideas from the module content into your contribution, dive into your thoughts, and articulate them well.

4. Submit the above by Wednesday evening. When it comes to length, less can be more… the quality and depth of your post are more important – but make sure to write enough that it conveys a thoughtful understanding of the module content as well. It will help if you respond in ways that you believe are interesting and meaningful, this is practice for publicly communicating your ideas after all! Simply do your best!

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