English 020 Connection: MLA Formatting

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Step 1:

In many of your courses, including this one, you will be asked to submit your papers in MLA format. MLA stands for Modern Language Association. Using MLA allows us to write in a way that is uniform (the same) throughout disciplines and colleges/institutions. It may not always be exciting, but it is very necessary.

With that being said, I want us to work on getting MLA formatting correct right from the start. To do so, please review the information about formatting a page in MLA below. You can also review information on our MLA Formatting page.

MLA General Formatting by OWL (Links to an external site.)

Sample MLA formatted First Page

Minimize File Preview

Step 2:

Create your own MLA formatted page 1. Your page should include:

  • Your name
  • My name
  • Class name
  • Date in correct format
  • Title
  • 2-3 lines of sample text (you can type anything).
  • Header with the page number and your last name

If you need help submitting the assignment, please check out How to Submit an Online Canvas Assignment.


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