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Part 1.The Game:Play the believing and doubting game with one of the assertions listed here.Include at least one full paragraph or page believing the assertion and then an equivalent strength of prose doubting the assertion.When you believe an assertion, you agree, support, illustrate, extend, and apply the idea.When you doubt an assertion, you question, challenge, rebut, and offer counter-reasons and counter-examples to the assertion.

  • Grades are an effective means of motivating students to do their best work.
  • Facebook or other social media provide a good way to make new friends.
  • In recent years, advertising has made enormous gains in portraying women as strong, independent, and intelligent.
  • If there is only one kidney available for transplant and two sick person need it, one in her thirties and one in her sixties, the kidney should go to the younger person.
  • Recreational marijuana should be legalized in every state of the United States.

Part 2.Reflection: Write a reflective paragraph in which you assess the exten to which the believing and doubting game extended or stretched your thinking.Particularly, answer these questions in your paragraph.

  • What was difficult about this writing activity?
  • To what extent did it make you take an unfamiliar or uncomfortable stance?
  • How can believing and doubting help you wallow in complexity?

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