ENG 102 CCAC Homework Banned

This week, you will critique the Final Research Paper draft posted by your peers. Critique ONE of your peer’s drafts. Be sure to critique a draft that has not yet been critiqued. I attached the paper you will be critiquing. I hope 16 hours is enough time. The sooner we get it in, the better. Hopefully before anybody else critiques it.

For clear directions and guidelines on how to complete your peer review, please refer to the Peer Review Instructions and Rubric file in the Instructions and Rubrics folder located in the Course Documents section of Blackboard. 

Peer review is important to your improvement as a writer. Not only will you learn from the suggestions your peers offer you to improve your paper, but you will also learn from the suggestions you offer them. As a reviewer, you essentially serve as an editor, a facilitator, and a coach; you offer your peer suggestions and encouragement with their work.

As a reviewer, you will write a 250-300 word review of your classmate’s work. You can type the review directly into the discussion board, or, upload it as an attachment in the discussion board. For your reviews, consider the following:

Download the attachment of the draft that your classmate has uploaded in the appropriate discussion board and read your classmate’s rough draft.

Take the time to read the piece completely and objectively. You are critiquing the work, not the person. Keep your personal feelings about the topic to yourself. If you are unable to offer a critique on a topic because of personal beliefs, move on to another classmate’s paper.

Add marginal comments by adding “New Comment” or utilizing the “Track Changes” feature using Microsoft Word’s Review Tab. Save your classmate’s draft with your comments and, in your response to your classmate’s post on the discussion board, attach their reviewed draft.

After you’ve attached your classmate’s reviewed draft, this is where you will write your 250-300 word review of your classmate’s work. 

  • Begin with the strengths of the work. What works? Why? Provide examples.
  • Next, suggest areas where your peer should focus their revision. Do so in a positive manner:
  • Your final words should be an overall summary of the work of your classmate, focusing on the positive.
  • Be polite and courteous.

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