ENC1102 discussions and activities

I’m studying and need help with a Writing question to help me learn.

Please log into Broward college ( North campus ) . The username is : berrg92mail.broward.edu and the password is 011999. Then you’ll be asked two questions. The month is April and the best friend is Quantas. Then go to D2L. Go to ENC1102. Go to assessments and complete all the discussions except 7 and 9. You may need to ask me a few questions so please feel free to ask. Then when you go to the content tab, you’ll see 8 modules and there are 4 activities to be competed. Please complete them. The discussions and activities are easy. I think you do need the papers so I’ve attached them. Paper#1 is the rhetorical analysis. Paper #2 is The digitilized textbooks and paper #3 is the argumentative essay.

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