Employment LawFiling a Civil Lawsuit/Civil Rights Complaint LawsuitMy employer committed 42 U.S. Code 2000e-2- Unlawful employment practicesUnlawful-failed to follow their own rules, the state, local,

Employment Law

Filing a Civil Lawsuit/Civil Rights Complaint Lawsuit

My employer committed 42 U.S. Code 2000e-2- Unlawful employment practices

Unlawful-failed to follow their own rules, the state, local, federal laws, statues, the truth and the Constitution

Unlawful-willful denial of UI and Workers’ Compensation Benefits 

Unlawful-willful defamation of character

(1) malicious termination (2) submission of false document to the Department of Labor and multiple levels of government agencies (3) Willfully Denied Unemployment Benefits (4) Willfully Denied a Legal workers’ compensation for a serious injury a mountain of evidence was presented and was overlooked and suppressed by the US Government and Government Agencies. I was denied Due Process of Law and was victimized by multiple levels of the courts with unconstitutional wrongful judgements. I was also further victimized on multiple levels of the legal system as an African American whom the Constitution Title VII laws are designed and should be applied. The Federal Judge denied me the R & R and made a racial derogatory statement that I was “Just looking for money.” This racist statement was accidently uploaded into the docket it was also sent to top court judges who signed off on his statement in agreement. This personal judgement is a racial profiling statement has since been deleted and removed from the docket. However, it can never be erased from my mind. I suffered greatly and loss everything I worked so hard for. Justice was repeatedly denied and the legal system failed to prosecute and enforce major laws. 



Legal Liability 

Administrative Law Violation 

 Violations of their own Rules of Procedure, Statues, Laws and the Constitution


VIOLATION OF THE Law, Rules of Procedure, and the Uniform Rules of Georgia Courts 

LAW “Any Evidence Rule”

(1) Shoddy investigation (2) did not follow their own rules, statues, truth or the Constitution (3) Due Process of Law (4) Civil Rights Violation 

The Investigator and Judges did not do an independent investigation nor did they send for the employee handbook policy violation. 

The employee handbook contradicts the employer’s false malicious statements and the judges’ wrongful/unconstitutional decisions/judgements as credible witnesses

(1) State a claim for relief

(2)  What relief I am entitled

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