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employee who falsified sales figures at his company explained, “1 felt I had no choice. The employee’s conduct is best explained by 6. An a. A lack of ethics training. b. The company culture. C. The failure to screen him out. d. None of the above 7. What were they smoking?, was a Fortune headline that referred to: a. Bear Steams. b. Goldman. c. J.P. Morgan Chase. d. All of the above 8. Jerome Kerviel, Joseph Jett, and Nick Leeson had what in common? a. They all went to jail b. They all bankrupted or nearly bankrupted their companies c. They all embezzled from their companies d. None of the above 9. What defense did Jerome Kerviel, Joseph Jett, and Nick Leeson share? That their managers were aware of their trades and how they were making money That they had not been properly trained b. c. That they were ordered to do what they did d. That they were not subject to secunities laws 10. Which of the following is prohibited conduct with respect to stock options? a. Backdating b. Backdating with limitations c. Springloading d. All of the above 11. In the Bank of America case, former general counsel Timothy Mayopoulos was meeting with the Board of Bank of America: a. Because SOX requires that counsel report up to the board. d. Because the SEC required him to do so. Because outside counsel was not permited to meet with the board C. with the board of Bank of America, general counsel Timothy Mayopoulos Was able to modify the company’s public disclosures. Was able to go to the SEC. Was fired Was given a promotion. d.

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