Emotional Intelligence

As a science, psychology has been built through many questions. Contrary to lay conceptions of human behavior, psychology tries to answer these questions with scientific methods. The aim of this project is to present one important topic to the class. The presentation has to be grounded on relevant theories but it has also to include for your audience some practical benefits. You have to use different sources of information (books, academic articles).

The group project and the presentation will be done by teams of 4-5 students. Once the topic has been chosen, please inform the professor (the same topic can’t be presented by two different groups).

Each presentation must cover the following points:
–    An introduction that highlight the importance of the topic
–    A theoretical part structured with 3 domains/theories/aspects (academic articles and sources have to be used to support your presentation)
–    A presentation of three empirical studies in Psychology with the method (type of study, procedure, participants, variables) and the results (frequencies, means, standard deviations, correlations, significance)
The word document must contain your names, the topic chosen, all the references used in your presentation (in alphabetical order/APA format/between 10 and 20 articles). You have to put in bold the three empirical studies that you’re going to present in depth during the presentation.

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