Chapter 9 provides a discussion of the challenges of identifying ELLs’ as having a learning disability or being gifted with their lower than grade-level proficiency in English. After reading Chapter 9, write a post that addresses the following questions: 

  • What kinds of disabilities might an ELL have?
  • What are the challenges of determining whether an ELL has a learning ability or is gifted?
  • What kinds of interventions are used once an ELL has been identified as having a learning disability?
  • What kinds of interventions are used once an ELL is determined to be gifted?
  • If you were teaching a class with some ELLs in it, what signals would you look for in the behavior or they ELLs to determine whether they might need to be tested for learning disabilities or being gifted?
  • How might you adapt your curriculum for an ELL student with a learning disability or who is gifted?

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